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Hello, we are East Midlands bloggers Chris and Ali Durning. A husband and wife team from Leicester, England.

We began travelling together back in 2008. Through the bargain deals with low cost airlines, we were able to cover most of Europe in a short space of time. Regular trips away became normal as did sampling the cuisine of each country that we had the opportunity to visit. Food is a shared passion and by combining both travel and food together, was born.

Our journeys have taken us all the way from Singapore to South America. Some incredible sights, experiences and dishes have made for inspiring subjects to cover on this website. Our website is here to provide inspiration. If you are thinking of starting out travelling, currently travel and are in need of tips or even are after new ideas in the kitchen – Artisan Traveller has you covered.

Our website is dedicated to covering travel and food with an aim to provide tips, restaurant and brand reviews plus guides for our audience. Our readers are an average of 60% women from the UK, USA and Europe aged 25 to 40 plus who love travel, food and entertainment.

We are active on social media through Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. We are also active on Pinterest with our profile achieving over 1 million unique monthly views. To connect with you would be a welcome pleasure so please drop us a comment and introduce yourself to our ever expanding network.

What we blog about

Covering our love of food, travel and everything in between. This website is intended as a guide to fellow travellers and food enthusiasts also to share recipes and recreations of food from many cookbooks and restaurants.

Our curiosity for new brands in the food, drink and travel categories also knows no bounds, we are delighted to test and promote new products in order to boost the popularity of the product and introduce our readers to some of the most unique concepts in todays market.

Contact us

If you’ve got something in mind you’d love us to write about, please email [email protected]. We offer rates for sponsored posts, advertising space on our blog, social media promotion and for becoming an ongoing brand ambassador.

We are also open to both two and single person press trips reviewing culture, food, hidden gems and accommodation in a wide range of places worldwide. Detailed reviews and quality photography in addition to a completely unbiased viewpoint are all features that we offer in our articles.

Media Kit

Download our media kit Artisan Traveller Media Kit for all the information about previous collaborations, social media addresses and further information on how we can promote and popularise your business, service or brand.

Recent examples of brand collaborations


Sn-ap Travel

The Ryder Grill at The Belfry 

Stanley Farm Villa Camping 

Koffmann and Mr White’s 

Luna Cinema

Yee Kwan

Ye Olde Bell Spa 

Sketchley Grange Hotel and Spa 

Middletons Steakhouse and Grill

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