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Mango Mousse with Strawberries and Toasted Coconut Ice Cream
The summer is in full swing and strawberries are ripe for picking. Such ingredients associated with sunshine lead me to think of a dessert. A tropical pairing of Yee Kwan Toasted Coconut Ice Cream with Mango. Of course, I had to include those lovely British strawberries. 
Tiramisu with Coffee Ice Cream
Tiramisu is given an Asian twist with this amazing Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream from the wonderful range at Yee Kwan. This Tiramisu is traditional for the most part but the ice cream really gives that intense coffee hit along with a new texture. The two parts work incredibly well together...
Yee Kwan Sticky Toffee Pudding Chocolate Miso Ice Cream
There is something about sweet and salty desserts that is just heavenly. The Yee Kwan ice cream range includes some sublime flavours with one of the most interesting being chocolate miso. A rich chocolate ice cream given an unusual twist with the addition of miso paste.
Yee Kwan Matcha Green Tea Japanese Melon Bread
A speciality at street food stalls in Osaka, Japan. These melon breads come with a generous filling of matcha green tea ice cream. The unsweetened matcha green tea ice cream from Yee Kwan is a perfect match with the...
Pink Guava and Passion Fruit Ice Cream Bars
  More adventures using the unique flavours from Yee Kwan Ice Cream right here with these simple and tasty Sorbet Bars.  A quick mix of coconut, apricot, olive oil and pistachio creates the biscuit encasing the fruity sorbet. These bars are perfect to make in advance and will last a few...