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Floyd on France: Gigot de Lotte
While sitting in isolation, the brain doth tick. My cookery books are out and old series of classic shows are playing continuously on the laptop. One of the very best is ‘Floyd on France’ starring Keith Floyd touring the various acclaimed food regions of France. 

Le Bar a Vin, Bordeaux

Red Wine, Le Bar a Vin, Bordeaux
Within hours of landing in Bordeaux, we just had to get stuck into the wine culture. You can choose from a whole range of wine bars and bistros throughout the city but one really took our fancy - Le Bar a Vin.
Wine tasting Majestic Wine Leicester
Free wine tasting you say? Well there’s an event with my name on it. We had the good fortune to come across Majestic wines advertisement for a wine tasting evening at their place in Leicester, a chance to sample some of their concierge collection of wines, available by subscription....
Pierre Koffmann Halibut
Trying to stay healthy while craving rich French food isn’t easy. Especially when my book shelves are groaning with countless recipes designed to disrupt my diet. One such book that I didn’t expect to find anything particularly for the health conscious in was Pierre Koffmann’s ‘Classic Koffmann’ - a...

Spanish Chicken

Spanish Chicken
Chorizo, chicken and potatoes are staples of the Spanish diet. This Spanish chicken recipe brings them all together in one pot making for an easy meal and even easier on the washing up! Use chicken thigh as oppose to breast meat which retains moisture through slow cooking.  
Prawn and Chorizo Risotto
You could argue this is more of a paella than a risotto, however it's largely the flavours of a paella but made in the style of a risotto to allow for a creamy texture to the rice. Be sure to take the rice to ‘al-dente’ with just a slight...

Navarin of Lamb

When spring arrives inevitably so does the best lamb. This French one-pot dish uses different stewing cuts of lamb to create a delicious flavour of springtime. Garnish with spring vegetables cooked simply in a little butter if you like, such as peas, carrots and asparagus or creamy mashed potatoes...