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The Tree, Leicester

The Tree, Leicester
Formerly known as The Orange Tree, the Tree is a completely renovated pub on Leicester’s High Street. A kind invitation for a media get together to go and check out both the pub and it’s menu got us very excited about seeing the new features.
Bill's, Leicester
Summer is here and so are the offers. The Highcross in Leicester are giving away a multitude of discounts and free samples to celebrate the arrival of summer using the hashtag ‘#summersavour’. With the PLUS app, you can enjoy these offers between 1-22nd of August 2019 -...
Queen Victoria Arts Club, Leicester
Sitting proudly in the shadow of The Curve Theatre in the city centre of Leicester is the Queen Victoria Arts Club. A classy venue for a pre-theatre meal or, as the case was on my visit, a night of comedy in the basement.

Mitch’s Kitchen

Mitch's Kitchen
Vegan food continues to rise in popularity. The strength in the ‘vegan’ hashtag on both Twitter and Instagram is very much in the ascent. A man very much within this movement is looking to provide ready meal options for those choosing the vegan way of life, a...

Brick Lane Sunday Market

Dark Sugars Brick Lane
Brick Lane is notorious for superlative Indian cuisine. However, all is not quite as it seems. Head a little further up this famous East London street on a Sunday and you will find a street market in full swing. This is Brick Lane Sunday Market. Our previous encounters on Brick...
Cosy Club Leicester
Veganuary is in full swing, so how about a vegan dining experience? Many bars and restaurants are now offering vegan menus, amongst them, The Cosy Club. A large bar and restaurant situated close to The Highcross in Leicester. We...

Awesome Chips, Leicester

Awesome Chips, Leicester
Anywhere with ‘Awesome’ in the title has to be good right? We checked out an eatery close to Leicester’s Haymarket Centre that always has queues going right down the street - Awesome Chips. Based on the Amsterdam concept of chips with various sauces and toppings, Awesome Chips have brought their...

Caddyshackers, Leicester

caddyshackers leicester
Crazy Golf, cocktails and street food all in one place? Oh yeah! This is Caddyshackers, a brand new place in Leicester at which you can enjoy a round of golf along with many rounds of drinks. Location could be an early potential stumbling block for Caddyshackers. Down a small...