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Beetroot Protein Brownies
  Brownies? On a DIET? Yep, apparently that’s alright. Joe Wicks continues to impress me in my quest for fitness and a potential beach bod. Joe’s way of taking foods that we all love - such as pizza’s, curries and other takeaway items - and making them a lot better...


Originating in Milan, Italy this is a popular cake around Christmas time. This version comes with chocolate chips and a topping of flaked almonds for a difference of flavour and texture. It’s best to use a full size Panettone tin but a 23cm cake tin makes a great substitute.

Pain d’epices

Pain d'epices
Pain d'epices is a cross between a cake and a bread, Pain d’epices is commonly associated with the French city of Dijon. Translated into English as ‘spice bread’ it’s a delicious blend of honey and spice that can be perfectly matched with a cup of tea and lashings of...