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Smoke Stop BBQ

Smoke Stop BBQ
Unexpected hidden gems reveal themselves at the most unlikely moment. This post is a situation exactly one of those situations. Heading down the main A5 road towards Wales, we were starving. Fortunately for us we found a BBQ place in a remote Shropshire village - Smoke Stop.

Santa Lucia, Churros

Santa Lucia, Churros, San Sebastian
The ultimate Spanish breakfast has to be churros. What exactly are they? Churros are the Spanish equivalent of doughnuts. Long sticks of fried dough, coated in sugar and served with a mug of thick hot chocolate. The breakfast of champions. Searching for churros in San Sebastian didn’t turn up too...

Cheats Nacho’s

Cheats Nacho's
I’m stealing this recipe - well, in actual fact, it’s a combination of two recipes from both myself and The Body Coach himself. Joe Wicks’, a little while back, did a demonstration on the TV show ‘This Morning’ which caught my eye. Joe introduced me to healthy snacks easily...