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Funhouse Comedy at Bartons PLC
It’s safe to say that we are fully immersed into the UK comedy scene. The intimate gigs in the bars and pubs that hosted The Leicester Comedy Festival have given a whole new perspective on watching stand up comedy.
Nature Valley Nottingham Open
With Wimbledon on the horizon, the focus lands on the pre-grand slam grass court tournaments. The tournament local to me is one that I visited nearly 20 years ago, The Nature Valley Nottingham Open. While many fans head to Eastbourne or Queens Club, tournaments like this often get overlooked....

Basel Zoo

Basel Zoo
One of the top attractions in the city of Basel is located right in the very centre, something not often found so close to homes, transport and shops - a zoo. Basel Zoo is listed amongst the 15 best zoos in the world by Forbes magazine and boasts over...
Colmar to Strasbourg train
We arrived at quite possibly the worst and luckiest time in French rail history. Planned strikes by disgruntled staff at the SNCF, France’s premier rail company, had brought the whole rail network to a standstill in the weeks before and after our trip. Here’s where the luck comes in...