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Yee Kwan Sticky Toffee Pudding Chocolate Miso Ice Cream
There is something about sweet and salty desserts that is just heavenly. The Yee Kwan ice cream range includes some sublime flavours with one of the most interesting being chocolate miso. A rich chocolate ice cream given an unusual twist with the addition of miso paste.
Miller and Carter, Hinckley
The A5 is becoming a well travelled road for us. After the superb stay at Sketchley Grange and a top meal at The Ryder Grill, The Belfry, we were back down the main road this time in search of a steakhouse. Miller and Carter. Miller and Carter have branches popping...
The Garden Bar and Restaurant, Sketchley Grange
All meals during our two-night stay at Sketchley Grange would be accompanied by dinner in the restaurant. The restaurant is located just behind the actual bar. A menu stands in the doorway and a friendly member of staff is on hand to escort you to your table. Booking is...