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Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires
One of the world’s top 10 opera houses is right here in Buenos Aires. With the city often being referred to as ‘The Paris of the West’ a building as grand as this doesn’t look out of place. The Teatro Colon is most definitely a striking sight.
Le Marche Couvert, Colmar
Colmar does feel like a market town. As we strolled through the town’s enchanting web of cobbled streets, we came across a rather unique market containing livestock and products that the majority of that livestock were destined to end up as. If the cute bunnies and quacking ducks are...
Southbank Christmas Market, London
Belvedere Road, Lambeth After the excitement of the huge Hyde Park Winter Wonderland we headed back towards the river to sample the delights of another market - Southbank Christmas Market. Situated in South Bank, funnily enough, in the shadow of the London Eye. This market doesn’t really get spoken about...