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Charlie Bighams
Food inspired by travel, now doesn’t that sound familiar? Having travelled from the UK to India in a campervan, Charlie Bigham became inspired by what he saw and what he ate during his trip. The adventure then resulted in Charlie producing tasty meals for the UK market.
La Vina, San Sebastian
Rumour has it, there is a place on the Kalea 31 de Agosto that has shelves full of freshly baked cheesecake. As we wandered through the doors at La Vina tapas bar, we could see straightaway the cheesecake wall feature in all its glory - time for...

Hotel Astoria 7

Hotel Astoria 7 San Sebastian
Accomodation in San Sebastian is hard to find. I don’t mean that in the sense of hotels and hostels are hidden away, it’s hard to find reasonably priced places to stay during your trip. Many of the old town locations are incredibly expensive and understandably so with many being...

Bar Sport

Bar Sport, San Sebastian
Look up the most popular pintxo bars in San Sebastian and chances are that Bar Sport will be amongst them. Every night we headed past this place it was heaving. Some of the most popular pintxos in the city? Quite possibly. As premium mealtimes mean that the chances of...

Santa Lucia, Churros

Santa Lucia, Churros, San Sebastian
The ultimate Spanish breakfast has to be churros. What exactly are they? Churros are the Spanish equivalent of doughnuts. Long sticks of fried dough, coated in sugar and served with a mug of thick hot chocolate. The breakfast of champions. Searching for churros in San Sebastian didn’t turn up too...
Home Cured Chorizo with Scallops
The kind folks at Spicely Does It have sent me a real artisan’s treat. A sausage making machine complete with the basis to bang out my own chorizo sausages - how exciting! The kit, first of all, is superb. A compact machine capable of grinding a coarse mince with...
Gateau Basque
If you look back through any books relating to classic French cuisine you will more than likely have come across the famous Gateau Basque. A ‘cake’ originating from the southern region of France in the Pays Basque close to the Spanish border. One man who has had this cake...
If you have any issues with vampires, this dish should see to that! Heavy on the garlic but also big on flavour. A traditional tapas dish from sunny Spain, simple to prepare and a pleasure to eat. You could also serve this with rice as a main meal.