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Kushi-Ya, Nottingham

skewers kushi-ya nottingham
Down a small alleyway just off Angel Row in the heart of Nottingham sits a small part of Tokyo. Kushi-Ya is a restaurant like no other that we have come across in The Midlands. A place serving Japanese Tapas to great acclaim.
Yee Kwan Matcha Green Tea Japanese Melon Bread
A speciality at street food stalls in Osaka, Japan. These melon breads come with a generous filling of matcha green tea ice cream. The unsweetened matcha green tea ice cream from Yee Kwan is a perfect match with the...

Mö-Grill, Hamburg

Mö-Grill, Hamburg
What is Germany’s main contribution to the world’s street food scene? Currywurst of course. Many people can’t get their heads around a bratwurst sausage sliced up and slathered in curry ketchup but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Awesome Chips, Leicester

Awesome Chips, Leicester
Anywhere with ‘Awesome’ in the title has to be good right? We checked out an eatery close to Leicester’s Haymarket Centre that always has queues going right down the street - Awesome Chips. Based on the Amsterdam concept of chips with various sauces and toppings, Awesome Chips have brought their...
Bubble Waffle YeeKwan
  Instagram is going nuts for them, Pinterest is featuring them, Chinatown tourists are eating them, so what are they? Bubble Waffles of course! But, how do you make them?   First off, you need a machine. Don’t close the page at this point though, trust me, they are highly inexpensive. Just...
Hong Kong Fish Balls at Home
If you’re a regular viewer of these pages you may have come across a post about how to get the best fish balls in Hong Kong. Well, no worries if you missed it because here is an actual recipe for that popular street snack - and it’s incredibly easy. Now...
Fish Balls, Hong Kong
Top of the street food itinerary for our trip to Hong Kong was these bad boys - fish balls. Ever since I tuned into a programme where British due Si King and Dave Myers aka The Hairy Bikers were touring Asia, these have yet to leave my mind. As...