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Sous Vide Pork Cheeks
Cheeks?! From a pig?! Yep, these are actually on sale now in british supermarkets. Not only that, they are insanely good value. This cheap cut of pig gob set me back only £1.24 for four pieces, outstanding value. So what on earth do you do with these? Well the...
Sous-Vide Venison
More sous-vide action for you lovely lot to read about. This time I went for a Burn’s Night inspired feast of Venison Shoulder with Savoy Cabbage, Bacon, Butternut Squash Puree and finished with a Port Sauce. Of course not all of this was going in the water bath -...

Oeuf’s Meurette

Oeuf’s Meurette
This has to be one of my favourite starters. A classic dish of Burgundy, France traditionally using red wine from the region but any good quality red will give you a great result. Key points here are ensuring that the egg is cooked with the yolk remaining runny and...
Monkfish with Peas a la Francaise
In France, pigeon is traditionally accompanied by peas a la Francaise. Fish also goes well with this pea garnish so I have used monkfish, a great fish for roasting. Try to use fresh peas for this one as the taste is massively improved but frozen are a good substitute.