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cheese board p'tit bahut bordeaux
Bordeaux’s backstreets provide some of the best offerings when it comes to simple cuisine and quality wine. O P’tit Bahut was being talked about before our trip so we decided to mark it down for a visit, little did we know what awaited us.
The Maharaja's Retreat Nottingham
The Calcutta Club is a restaurant in Nottingham that has been on our radar for a while now. Due to the insane popularity of this restaurant, the owners have had to open a new place. The brand new Maharaja’s Retreat sits just a few doors down on...

Fischmarkt, Hamburg

Fischmarkt Hamburg
Never in my life have I set an alarm for 6.30am to attend a market. Nor have I ever set an alarm for 6.30am to attend a live music gig. Incredibly, on a Sunday of all days, this is a common theme across Hamburg.
Steaks by Luis
Buenos Aires holds many secrets, many of them are restaurants. Following the economic crash in Argentina around the millenium, many high street rental spaces proved to be far too expensive. In a genius move regular people began opening restaurants in their own home. We were about to...

Wakaze, Leicester

Wakaze, Leicester
  Japanese food in Leicester is really starting to grow. Many places are opening inspired by the food from the land of the rising sun. Wakaze is one that we’ve had our eye on now for some time. A quiet restaurant in a prominent position, Wakaze always looks tempting, this...

Chicken Satay Recipe

Pip and Nut Satay
https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=N9Q9C6bdSoE In the above video, I mentioned that I was sent a few products from Pip and Nut to try. Pip and Nut are a company specialising in all things nut related, encouraging customers to get creative in the kitchen - I was more than up for that challenge.   I...

Kitchen W8

Kitchen W8, London
Where in London can you get a three course lunch for £28 with a Michelin Star? The answer is this place, Kitchen W8. I’m a big fan of Phil Howard (previously of The Square, now Elystan Street) who part-owns Kitchen W8. Looking through the menu, you can see glimpses...
Lamb Restaurant Sketchley Grange Hinckley Leicestershire
Returning for round two of three course dinner in The Garden Bar and Restaurant brought us a good feeling. The staff on night one were superb and the food wasn’t bad so we were interested to see if the menu would be the same or we would have new...