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marguerite restaurant bocuse lyon
Around the corner from our hotel we were stunned to discover that there was a restaurant belonging to the Paul Bocuse group. What was even better is that the place was actually open on a Sunday! Something that appeared to be a rare occurrence in Lyon.
daniel et denise lyon bouchon lyonnais
The bouchon is a Lyonnaise institution. When you arrive in this beautiful city in south eastern France you will find the streets littered with these tiny restaurants. One of the best in the city happens to be Daniel et Denise on the Rue de Créqui.
Maison des Têtes, Colmar
  At one of the most famous buildings in Colmar sits an equally famous restaurant. The Maison des Tetes restaurant came to light back in the late 80’s when bon viveur Keith Floyd strode into the kitchen. On that occasion Floyd succeeded in welding a traditional liver dumpling recipe to...