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Pork braised in Coffee & Sugarcane with Beetroot and Crème Fraiche
This is one of my most prized recipes from a trip to South America. I had this dish at restaurant iLatina in Buenos Aires, a ‘closed door’ venue which is only accessible by reservation. These types of restaurants were set up following the economic crisis in Argentina from people's...
Pincho’s are native to the Basque region of Spain. Throughout the region bars serve these mini-delights usually on sticks or on pieces of toasted bread. These pork skewers are flavoured with smoked paprika and a sweet, sticky red onion marmalade, great as a lunch or canapés and easy to...


Panzanella is traditionally a Tuscan salad made up of fresh tomatoes, basil and bread with other flavours added according to personal preference. Here I've roasted the salad to bring the flavour of the tomato out and give the bread added crunch. Simple and delicious.