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Chloe Gourmet

Chloe Gourmet, Leicester
French cakes are my weakness. I can’t pass a patisserie window without gazing at it like I've just seen aliens land. Strolling down Cank Street in the heart of Leicester city centre, that same scenario played out once again. 
The Ritz Restaurant, London
Fewer restaurants in London can boast a more breathtaking dining space than The Ritz Restaurant. A deserving holder of 1 Michelin Star, finally awarded in the 2017 guide, The Ritz Restaurant is one of the most popular places in the capital when it comes to spoiling oneself. 
Chocolate Parfait with Caramel and Raspberry Popcorn
  Recently, a company by the name of Popcorn Shed kindly sent me a package. This package contained various flavours of sweet and savoury popcorn. This got me thinking. Could I create a recipe that includes this unique popcorn? You bet I could.

La Marine

la marine paris canal saint martin
Paris is an expensive city, no question. Where can you enjoy a quality French meal without breaking the bank? Well, there is hope in the form of the Prixe-Fixe menu at La Marine beside the Canal St-Martin. Lunchtime in Paris is arguably the best time to enjoy a proper bistro...
Gelato Village, Leicester
The heatwave shows no sign of ending so to bring our temperatures down a bit, we headed to an ice cream parlour in the St Martin's area of Leicester city centre. Gelato Village came to Leicester in 2014 but it’s taken us until now to discover the place, better...

Sirimiri, San Sebastian

Sirimiri, San Sebastian
On our first trip to San Sebastian, we found the most modern pintxos in the entire city - by complete accident. An unassuming hole-in-the-wall type of place called Sirimiri is home to some of the best food you will ever find here in Donostia. We first headed into Sirimiri after...

Kitchen W8

Kitchen W8, London
Where in London can you get a three course lunch for £28 with a Michelin Star? The answer is this place, Kitchen W8. I’m a big fan of Phil Howard (previously of The Square, now Elystan Street) who part-owns Kitchen W8. Looking through the menu, you can see glimpses...
Miller and Carter, Hinckley
The A5 is becoming a well travelled road for us. After the superb stay at Sketchley Grange and a top meal at The Ryder Grill, The Belfry, we were back down the main road this time in search of a steakhouse. Miller and Carter. Miller and Carter have branches popping...
Lamb Restaurant Sketchley Grange Hinckley Leicestershire
Returning for round two of three course dinner in The Garden Bar and Restaurant brought us a good feeling. The staff on night one were superb and the food wasn’t bad so we were interested to see if the menu would be the same or we would have new...
L'Atelier 116, Strasbourg
Cake for breakfast? Well, we are on holiday. Many a Brit would opt for beer abroad but not us, we fancied something a little sweeter to kick off our day in Strasbourg. We arrived in the city around mid-morning and found ourselves, after a tram ride, in the middle...
Apricot and Raspberry Tart
Perfect in the summertime when fresh apricots are plentiful, this tart is a blend of sharp apricot, raspberry and sweet clafoutis-like filling. Another of our favourite french tarts.