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Coronavirus Isolation Recipes: Easy Apple and Blackberry Pie
This is embarrassingly easy. I should be ashamed for putting this on these pages, really I should. Well actually, no I shouldn’t because these are times when we need easy recipes. Budget friendly and simple to make - well, they don’t come much easier than this. 
Cosy Club Leicester
Veganuary is in full swing, so how about a vegan dining experience? Many bars and restaurants are now offering vegan menus, amongst them, The Cosy Club. A large bar and restaurant situated close to The Highcross in Leicester. We...
Healthy Leftover Chicken Pie
What to do with leftover chicken? Stick it in a pie of course! This is a play on Shepherd's pie using roast chicken meat instead of lamb topped with a carrot and potato mash, and the best part? It’s only low in fat and good for you!