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Coronavirus Isolation Recipes: Cacio e Pepe
Three ingredients, that’s it. No really, that is all that this wonderful pasta recipe requires. Cacio e Pepe may be a bit of a fancy name but the dish couldn’t be simpler. Pasta, cheese and black pepper.  In times...
Trofie Pasta with Genovese Pesto
This takes me back to my time in Liguria, Italy. In particular the city of Genoa, famous of course for it’s vibrant green pesto. Trofie also is a native pasta to the city and is unbelievably easy to make - have a go, you’ll love it!

Peck, Milan

Peck, Milan
Italy of course is famous for its cured meats and cheeses and by now we were stuffed with some of the best cheese, parma ham and salami that we unearthed throughout our tour. That said, we hadn’t actually been to a proper delicatessen shop yet. Step forward the famous...