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NCF £1 Comedy Night at Canalhouse, Nottingham
Comedy in The Midlands is now becoming a regular outing for us here at Artisan Traveller. Having experienced the professional scene at both The Leicester Comedy Festival and Funhouse at Bartons PLC, we decided to see what £1 gets you on a Wednesday night.
Funhouse Comedy at Bartons PLC
It’s safe to say that we are fully immersed into the UK comedy scene. The intimate gigs in the bars and pubs that hosted The Leicester Comedy Festival have given a whole new perspective on watching stand up comedy.
Clarke Quay, Singapore
Clarke Quay 3 River Valley Rd, Singapore Singapore’s shopping scene took us by surprise. This is on a par with Dubai, New York and London for the size of it’s stores ranging from top level boutiques such as your Dior,,Chanel and Armani to the high street chains both local to Singapore...