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Coronavirus Isolation Recipes: Chilli Paneer
Diwali is a huge event in my home city of Leicester. Some of the largest celebrations outside of India take place in the streets around the Belgrave Gate and Melton Road areas. One of my favourite street foods during this time is Chilli Paneer.
Yee Kwan Matcha Green Tea Japanese Melon Bread
A speciality at street food stalls in Osaka, Japan. These melon breads come with a generous filling of matcha green tea ice cream. The unsweetened matcha green tea ice cream from Yee Kwan is a perfect match with the...

Chocoversum, Hamburg

chocoversum hamburg
Chocolate, or ‘Schokolade’ in German is loved by everyone. So what about a museum that is both educational and interactive covering the process of chocolate making? One such place exists right here in Hamburg - Chocoversum.

The Square, London

The Square, London
Restaurants over 20 years old holding two Michelin stars are a rare sight these days around London so today we thought we'd go and visit one. Phil Howard has been at The Square over half his life after stints with the legendary Marco Pierre White at Harveys and Albert...
Gelato Village, Leicester
The heatwave shows no sign of ending so to bring our temperatures down a bit, we headed to an ice cream parlour in the St Martin's area of Leicester city centre. Gelato Village came to Leicester in 2014 but it’s taken us until now to discover the place, better...
Sous Vide Pork Cheeks
Cheeks?! From a pig?! Yep, these are actually on sale now in british supermarkets. Not only that, they are insanely good value. This cheap cut of pig gob set me back only £1.24 for four pieces, outstanding value. So what on earth do you do with these? Well the...
Gateau Basque
If you look back through any books relating to classic French cuisine you will more than likely have come across the famous Gateau Basque. A ‘cake’ originating from the southern region of France in the Pays Basque close to the Spanish border. One man who has had this cake...