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Chocoversum, Hamburg

chocoversum hamburg
Chocolate, or ‘Schokolade’ in German is loved by everyone. So what about a museum that is both educational and interactive covering the process of chocolate making? One such place exists right here in Hamburg - Chocoversum.
North Bar and Kitchen Leicester
Following a top weekend away at Sketchley Grange, Hinckley, we ventured back into Leicester in search of some Sunday lunch. For some time I had been hearing great things about a small restaurant on Hinckley Road, famed for its modern British approach to fine dining with a French twist....
The French Laundry - Ile Flottante
Desserts on this site are becoming increasingly popular so keen to keep the ball rolling heres another one. The French Laundry is like a boomerang, the moment I put it back on the shelf it invariably ends up back in my hand. I became tempted by a dessert that,...