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NCF £1 Comedy Night at Canalhouse, Nottingham
Comedy in The Midlands is now becoming a regular outing for us here at Artisan Traveller. Having experienced the professional scene at both The Leicester Comedy Festival and Funhouse at Bartons PLC, we decided to see what £1 gets you on a Wednesday night.
The Three Crowns, Wymeswold
This review is a little too close to home. Well, I did used to live the distance of a Stuart Broad bowling action over the road from The Three Crowns pub. Speaking of Mr Broad, it’s largely down to him that the pub got a much needed renovation. Gone...

Mong Kok Market

Mong Kok Market, Hong Kong
Mong Kok Market Canton Road, Mong Kok From the window of our hotel room up in the clouds at The Cordis in Mong Kok we could identify two rows of bright umbrellas each sheltering the stalls of a busy market. One afternoon curiosity got the better of us and we marched...