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Sole Veronique with Verjus Buerre Blanc
Sole Veronique is a classic dish from the Escoffier era of French gastronomy. New versions of the dish are beginning to appear everywhere now so here’s my take on it. Using sharp, fruity Verjus to flavour the buerre blanc sauce as opposed to the traditional way using white wine....
Prawn and Chorizo Risotto
You could argue this is more of a paella than a risotto, however it's largely the flavours of a paella but made in the style of a risotto to allow for a creamy texture to the rice. Be sure to take the rice to ‘al-dente’ with just a slight...
Monkfish with Prosciutto, Asparagus and Herb dressing
Monkfish is a great fish for roasting. Also any fear you have of finding bones in fish won’t matter as monkfish has no pin bones in it’s fillets. Ham and asparagus go well together and this method of steaming in a foil bag makes the recipe a whole lot...

Beef Tagliata

Beef Tagliata
If you fancy an easy starter or a healthy dinner this dish is perfect. ‘Tagliata’ meaning ‘to cut’ in Italian is a variation on the traditional Carpaccio with the beef garnished with a salad of rocket leaves, parmesan cheese and finished with balsamic vinegar. Simple and tasty.