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Chloe Gourmet

Chloe Gourmet, Leicester
French cakes are my weakness. I can’t pass a patisserie window without gazing at it like I've just seen aliens land. Strolling down Cank Street in the heart of Leicester city centre, that same scenario played out once again. 
The Secret Supper Club Quorn
Staying in is the new going out, so the rumour goes. As restaurants, cafes and pubs begin to re-open following months of uncertainty, there are some chefs with more unorthodox ideas. One such chef set up The Secret Supper Club Quorn in our native Leicestershire.
Coronavirus Isolation Recipes: Chilli Paneer
Diwali is a huge event in my home city of Leicester. Some of the largest celebrations outside of India take place in the streets around the Belgrave Gate and Melton Road areas. One of my favourite street foods during this time is Chilli Paneer.

NineB, Leicester

NineB, Leicester
Leicester city centre is now the proud owner of a new hotel. Novotel have constructed a brand new £40m hotel right across the street from Leicester’s Highcross shopping centre. Within the hotel, a new restaurant has opened its doors by the name...
The Tiny Bakery, Leicester
Artisan bread can be tricky to find in Leicester. With the high street domination of Greggs seemingly never coming to an end, we headed a little outside the city centre on our search. In the Clarendon Park area, the whispers suggested that there was a small bakery...
Just So Italian, Market Harborough
When I plan meals for the week ahead, I often go by cuisine. It’s a sure fire way to save money by purchasing ingredients that will stretch across a number of meals. This week happened to be Italian week, a cuisine easily in my top three favourites....

The Tree, Leicester

The Tree, Leicester
Formerly known as The Orange Tree, the Tree is a completely renovated pub on Leicester’s High Street. A kind invitation for a media get together to go and check out both the pub and it’s menu got us very excited about seeing the new features.
Bill's, Leicester
Summer is here and so are the offers. The Highcross in Leicester are giving away a multitude of discounts and free samples to celebrate the arrival of summer using the hashtag ‘#summersavour’. With the PLUS app, you can enjoy these offers between 1-22nd of August 2019 -...
Queen Victoria Arts Club, Leicester
Sitting proudly in the shadow of The Curve Theatre in the city centre of Leicester is the Queen Victoria Arts Club. A classy venue for a pre-theatre meal or, as the case was on my visit, a night of comedy in the basement.
urban cheesecake Leicester, canteen street food
On the last friday of every month, a street food extravaganza hits Leicester’s Morningside Arena. The arena is home to events and the local basketball team, The Leicester Riders. The sport may be a big draw but the street food is rapidly gaining in popularity. Recently, Canteen...
Cosy Club Leicester
Veganuary is in full swing, so how about a vegan dining experience? Many bars and restaurants are now offering vegan menus, amongst them, The Cosy Club. A large bar and restaurant situated close to The Highcross in Leicester. We...
The Tap and Run, Upper Broughton
Stuart Broad and his team are at it again. Two years after revamping and reopening The Three Crowns pub in the village of Wymeswold, a new venture with a cricket-themed title has recently opened its doors in nearby Upper Broughton - The Tap and Run.   Formerly The Golden Fleece, The...