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Lagrange Aparthotel Lyon Lumière
Accommodation in Lyon, generally, is very well priced. We were looking for somewhere to stay with kitchen facilities - i.e: An apartment. We found a very well priced place just near the university at Sans Souci. Lagrange ApartHotel Lyon Lumiere.
Fierro hotel Buenos Aires
  Arriving at Ezeiza airport in the late evening, we needed to get to our hotel. No obvious buses or trains were anywhere to be seen so taxi really is your only option. Luckily a desk in the centre of the arrivals hall can...
montenapoleone suites milan
Montenapoleone Suites Via Santa Cecilia, 4 Boutique hotels rarely get a look in on our travels. The bigger name hotels normally advertise a deal or two when the time comes to book a trip and I guess the security of knowing at least if something went wrong that hotel would have...