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The Tiny Bakery, Leicester
Artisan bread can be tricky to find in Leicester. With the high street domination of Greggs seemingly never coming to an end, we headed a little outside the city centre on our search. In the Clarendon Park area, the whispers suggested that there was a small bakery...

Fischmarkt, Hamburg

Fischmarkt Hamburg
Never in my life have I set an alarm for 6.30am to attend a market. Nor have I ever set an alarm for 6.30am to attend a live music gig. Incredibly, on a Sunday of all days, this is a common theme across Hamburg.
Grenaio Duomo Via Mengoni, 2 In the mornings when in Italy one must venture out for coffee - it’s the law (unofficially). In a city such as Milan where style reigns supreme you will come across a tonne of swish places to enjoy the italians favourite start to the morning. We...