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Planten un Blomen
Germans love a good walk. What better place to stretch one's legs in Hamburg than in a huge park. Planten un Blomen is a huge green space in the St Pauli district. Handy for us as we were staying in the nearby Superbude.
St Michaels Church Hamburg
Panoramic viewpoints across any city are always a good idea. Hamburg's main eye in the sky comes in the form of the belltower at St Michael’s Church situated in the city centre close to Rödingsmarkt. Finding the church was...

Rindermarkthalle, St Pauli

Rindermarkthalle, St Pauli
Food courts are a perfect way to sample multiple cuisines and still stay within a budget. The Rindermarkthalle in St Pauli was a quick 10 minute walk away from our hotel at Superbude, St Pauli. Coming out of...

Hyperion Hotel, Hamburg

Hyperion Hotel, Hamburg
After our super cool stay at Superbude Hotel and Hostel, we headed over the city to spend our remaining days in a 5-star hotel. The Hyperion. Handily located within walking distance of the central Hauptbahnhof, The Hyperion looked...

Mö-Grill, Hamburg

Mö-Grill, Hamburg
What is Germany’s main contribution to the world’s street food scene? Currywurst of course. Many people can’t get their heads around a bratwurst sausage sliced up and slathered in curry ketchup but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Chocoversum, Hamburg

chocoversum hamburg
Chocolate, or ‘Schokolade’ in German is loved by everyone. So what about a museum that is both educational and interactive covering the process of chocolate making? One such place exists right here in Hamburg - Chocoversum.
Millerntor Stadion, St Pauli
After our tour of Hamburger SV stadium at The Volksparkstadion, we headed quite literally over the road to check out their local rivals stadium. FC St Pauli. St Pauli...

Fischmarkt, Hamburg

Fischmarkt Hamburg
Never in my life have I set an alarm for 6.30am to attend a market. Nor have I ever set an alarm for 6.30am to attend a live music gig. Incredibly, on a Sunday of all days, this is a common theme across Hamburg.
Stadium Tour of Hamburger SV - Volksparkstadion
Hamburg is a city with two sides. By that, I mean football. Staying in St Pauli means that we are closer to The Millerntor Stadion, home to FC St Pauli. Across the city in the Stellingen district sits The Volksparkstadion where Hamburger SV play their home matches.
Miniatur Wunderland
If you’re looking for the world’s largest model railway, you will find it here in Speicherstadt, Hamburg. A large stretch of warehouses by the docks of the river Elbe. This is home to Miniatur Wunderland, where the best things really do come in small packages.