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Chloe Gourmet

Chloe Gourmet, Leicester
French cakes are my weakness. I can’t pass a patisserie window without gazing at it like I've just seen aliens land. Strolling down Cank Street in the heart of Leicester city centre, that same scenario played out once again. 

Banh Mi, Rue Descartes, Paris

banh mi paris
Baguettes are synonymous with Paris but usually filled with something like ham or cheese. Not roasted pork, cucumber, sriracha sauce and mayonnaise. At Banh Mi on the Rue Descartes, just before the famous Rue Mouffetard, you can pick up a baguette inspired by a little journey further...
The Ritz Restaurant, London
Fewer restaurants in London can boast a more breathtaking dining space than The Ritz Restaurant. A deserving holder of 1 Michelin Star, finally awarded in the 2017 guide, The Ritz Restaurant is one of the most popular places in the capital when it comes to spoiling oneself. 
trocadero paris
I have always been more word-orientated than numerical. This is a huge advantage when it comes to travelling. As I have hopped from country to country, I have endeavoured to learn at least a few basic words and phrases.

Aligre Market

marche d'aligre paris
One of the most famous markets in the entire city and one of the largest, The Aligre Market sits proudly in the Bastille neighbourhood of Paris. Every day Parisians and tourists alike flock to this produce market in search of some of the best fresh food around. The Aligre is...

La Marine

la marine paris canal saint martin
Paris is an expensive city, no question. Where can you enjoy a quality French meal without breaking the bank? Well, there is hope in the form of the Prixe-Fixe menu at La Marine beside the Canal St-Martin. Lunchtime in Paris is arguably the best time to enjoy a proper bistro...

The Bertinet Bakery, Bath

The Bertinet Bakery, Bath
Somewhere on my vast bookshelf is a cookery book dedicated to pastry. This book is by a man called Richard Bertinet, owner of a bakery in the side streets of Bath. Bertinet’s book is simple and informative and has always stayed in my mind. I headed to his bakery...
Koffmann & Mr White's, Bath
It’s not every day two chefs join forces to open a new restaurant with six Michelin stars between them. Koffmann & Mr White’s is the result of a partnership between chefs Pierre Koffmann and Marco Pierre White, a simple brasserie situated in The Abbey Hotel, Bath. Koffmann and Mr...
North Bar and Kitchen Leicester
Following a top weekend away at Sketchley Grange, Hinckley, we ventured back into Leicester in search of some Sunday lunch. For some time I had been hearing great things about a small restaurant on Hinckley Road, famed for its modern British approach to fine dining with a French twist....
elsbethenstuebli Basel
What is the one food experience that you have to try in Switzerland? No not Toblerone, the other one...Fondue. Of course you can also go for raclette which is similar to fondue just with a huge wedge of cheese being melted under a hot grill and scraped onto your...
Adagio Basel City Hotel
Aparthotel Adagio Basel City, Hammerstrasse 46, Clara, 4058 Basel, Switzerland Switzerland has a habit of making you lose weight - from the pocket. That’s an issue when it comes to decent accomodation in one of Europe’s most expensive countries. We searched across Basel for some decent dwellings to keep a...
Flixbus, Colmar to Basel
Due to planned SNCF strikes on the day we were due to head back to Basel from Colmar meant that we needed alternative transport. A wave of fear passed through me when sitting at home editing a few blog posts watching the news pop up and seeing that the...