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Le Gavroche

le gavroche
If we’re talking famous restaurants in the UK then the name of this place is generally one of the first to come up. Le Gavroche first opened its doors on Lower Sloane Street in 1967 with brothers Albert and Michel Roux. The restaurant then went on to become the first...
daniel et denise lyon bouchon lyonnais
The bouchon is a Lyonnaise institution. When you arrive in this beautiful city in south eastern France you will find the streets littered with these tiny restaurants. One of the best in the city happens to be Daniel et Denise on the Rue de Créqui.
Restaurant Melodie, Bordeaux
“Bonjour, je voudrais un table pour….” let me just stop you there. This is Restaurant Melodie, the chances of a walk in spot at this hole in the wall in Bordeaux are virtually nil. Therefore, reservations are an absolute must. We secured ours online and headed to...

Le Bar a Vin, Bordeaux

Red Wine, Le Bar a Vin, Bordeaux
Within hours of landing in Bordeaux, we just had to get stuck into the wine culture. You can choose from a whole range of wine bars and bistros throughout the city but one really took our fancy - Le Bar a Vin.

Bar Sport

Bar Sport, San Sebastian
Look up the most popular pintxo bars in San Sebastian and chances are that Bar Sport will be amongst them. Every night we headed past this place it was heaving. Some of the most popular pintxos in the city? Quite possibly. As premium mealtimes mean that the chances of...
Street Food, Basel
Normally you would arrive in Basel hungry for Fondue or Toblerone, not Pad Thai and Argentine steak. If that is the case, however, you can get your fix of the world food scene in the Markthalle beside the main SBB station. If, like us, you arrive on a Sunday when...
Le Marche Couvert, Colmar
Colmar does feel like a market town. As we strolled through the town’s enchanting web of cobbled streets, we came across a rather unique market containing livestock and products that the majority of that livestock were destined to end up as. If the cute bunnies and quacking ducks are...
Maison des Têtes, Colmar
  At one of the most famous buildings in Colmar sits an equally famous restaurant. The Maison des Tetes restaurant came to light back in the late 80’s when bon viveur Keith Floyd strode into the kitchen. On that occasion Floyd succeeded in welding a traditional liver dumpling recipe to...
Foie Gras, Roasted Carrots and Scallops with a sweet wine butter sauce
I saw this dish in its original form in Pierre Koffmann’s book from his days at La Tante Claire, a famous three Michelin star restaurant in Chelsea. I decided to try imparting a roasted flavour into the dish as it all sounded a bit sweet. Koffmann uses Sauternes in...
Fillet of Beef ‘Rossini’
The perfect special occasion dish. Beef Rossini was named after the famous composer Gioachino Rossini, for whom the dish was created. The dish is also has great significance for me as it was a part of our wedding day menu.