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The River Plate Tour, El Monumental
There are two main football clubs in Buenos Aires. Boca Juniors and River Plate. Having already survived a walk around San Telmo to tick off a bucket list visit to La Bombonera, we headed to the north of the city to have a look at El Monumental,...
The Boca Juniors Tour, La Bombonera
Boca Juniors. One of the most famous football teams in the world. Thanks in large part to one man. Diego Maradona. In 1986 Maradona almost single handedly brought Argentina through to win The World Cup in Mexico, he has been a hero in these parts ever since....
Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires
One of the world’s top 10 opera houses is right here in Buenos Aires. With the city often being referred to as ‘The Paris of the West’ a building as grand as this doesn’t look out of place. The Teatro Colon is most definitely a striking sight.

Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan Michel Star IFC Mall Hong Kong
  “It’s got to be down here” “but this isn’t the IFC mall” “the man definitely said down the third escalator and to the right didn’t he?”. Finding Tim Ho Wan was undoubtedly a challenge. It would appear that we are not alone as tourists in search of some of...