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Chocoversum, Hamburg

chocoversum hamburg
Chocolate, or ‘Schokolade’ in German is loved by everyone. So what about a museum that is both educational and interactive covering the process of chocolate making? One such place exists right here in Hamburg - Chocoversum.
Chocolate Parfait with Caramel and Raspberry Popcorn
  Recently, a company by the name of Popcorn Shed kindly sent me a package. This package contained various flavours of sweet and savoury popcorn. This got me thinking. Could I create a recipe that includes this unique popcorn? You bet I could.
Venison with Chocolate Sauce
A little while back I had some interesting chocolate sent to me by a company called Doisy and Dam. The flavours in the range are truly unique in the sense that each bar contains a superfood, meaning that the chocolate is a lot better for you than most. I...