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Fischmarkt, Hamburg

Fischmarkt Hamburg
Never in my life have I set an alarm for 6.30am to attend a market. Nor have I ever set an alarm for 6.30am to attend a live music gig. Incredibly, on a Sunday of all days, this is a common theme across Hamburg.

The Square, London

The Square, London
Restaurants over 20 years old holding two Michelin stars are a rare sight these days around London so today we thought we'd go and visit one. Phil Howard has been at The Square over half his life after stints with the legendary Marco Pierre White at Harveys and Albert...
Dining at Ye Olde Bell
Our first night at Ye Olde Bell came with a three course meal in the St Leger Bistro-by-the-Bar. Usually, guests would dine in the 1650 restaurant but as this was a Sunday evening, the restaurant was closed. The bistro however provides the same menu as the restaurant and presumably...

Momma Kongs

crab momma kongs
Walk around Boat Quay or any popular seafood stretch around Singapore and you’ll come across crab - lots of crab. Tanks and cages full of varying species of crustacean all destined for the pot, in many cases resulting in the popular dish of chilli crab. We looked long and...