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A Day in Brancaster
Little by little we are getting our freedom back. COVID-19 has savaged nations across the world with many going into lockdown. Here in the UK at the time of writing, things are slowly relaxing and getting back to somewhere near normal.

Gandarias Jatetxea

Gandarias Jatetxea, San Sebastian
If you have caught the episode of ‘Munchies’ on Youtube where a group of Basque chef’s drag a young reporter around the bars of San Sebastian, you may have heard of Gandarias Jatetxea. Irene, the reporter, ended up losing her battle with Txakoli wine that night. However, we fared...
Cod with Wild Garlic
After a successful forage around Bradgate Park for those elusive Wild Garlic leaves, I had to come to a decision about what to make. Many recipes in my collection pair fish along with Wild Garlic so I had the idea of fish, vegetables and perhaps some Wild Garlic butter...
Maison des Têtes, Colmar
  At one of the most famous buildings in Colmar sits an equally famous restaurant. The Maison des Tetes restaurant came to light back in the late 80’s when bon viveur Keith Floyd strode into the kitchen. On that occasion Floyd succeeded in welding a traditional liver dumpling recipe to...