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Jardin de Tuileries Christmas Market 2018
There are markets and there are markets. Christmas in Paris is something completely magical - even more so if you are lucky enough to find yourself at The Louvre where the nearby Jardin de Tuileries Christmas Market is in full swing - and this is some market.
la defense christmas market 2018 paris
Somewhere under that big hovering square arc sits a Christmas market that seems to increase in size each year. This is La Defense Christmas Market, a little further from the centre of Paris but well worth the journey by metro or RER. A village of around 350 stalls is...
Staying Cool at The Rotunda Birmingham
Staying Cool at The Rotunda, Birmingham 150 New Street, Birmingham Birmingham comes alive during late November and throughout December with the arrival of the Frankfurt Christmas Market. Living just half an hour away from Birmingham makes a trip over to partake in the festivities almost irresistible so over we went for...