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NCF £1 Comedy Night at Canalhouse, Nottingham
Comedy in The Midlands is now becoming a regular outing for us here at Artisan Traveller. Having experienced the professional scene at both The Leicester Comedy Festival and Funhouse at Bartons PLC, we decided to see what £1 gets you on a Wednesday night.
La Petite France, Strasbourg
If you’re coming to Strasbourg for anything, chances are it’s this place. La Petite France is like a film set. A beautiful arrangement of Germanic buildings set alongside the flowing rivers and canals, it’s a photographers dream. Oh it gets better - you can eat here too. In amongst...
The little tourist train of Colmar
City tours can be expensive, especially guided tours. If you have trouble walking or generally can’t be bothered then there is a superb alternative that still allows you to view the town of Colmar in all its glory. The Little Tourist Train of Colmar is, in fact, two trains....