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Make your own pastrami kit, Spicely Does It
Following a thoroughly fascinating podcast with Gaynor Preece of Spicely Does It, I left the company offices in the High Peak with a present. The box in my possession happened to be a kit containing everything that you need to cure a beef brisket into pastrami. I...

Smoke Stop BBQ

Smoke Stop BBQ
Unexpected hidden gems reveal themselves at the most unlikely moment. This post is a situation exactly one of those situations. Heading down the main A5 road towards Wales, we were starving. Fortunately for us we found a BBQ place in a remote Shropshire village - Smoke Stop.

Pho, Leicester

I cast my mind back to the opening of Pho in Leicester. A queue stretched as far back as the high street from Shires Lane with expectant diners eagerly anticipating free pho for the opening day. Since then, Pho (pronounced ‘fuh’ or ‘faaah’ if you’re Keith Floyd) has been...
Red's True Barbecue, Nottingham
Red’s True Barbecue, Nottingham 11 Queen Street, Nottingham Where do you go to find good barbecue in the East Midlands? I had been trawling through reviews and menu’s of so many places before winding up at a place many regard as one of the best. Red’s True Barbecue have locations scattered...