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Chocolate Parfait with Caramel and Raspberry Popcorn
  Recently, a company by the name of Popcorn Shed kindly sent me a package. This package contained various flavours of sweet and savoury popcorn. This got me thinking. Could I create a recipe that includes this unique popcorn? You bet I could.
pumpkin pie easy
      Halloween is fast approaching and the pumpkins are ready for picking. We headed back to Cattows Farm in our local area to check out this years crop. Earlier in the summer we came back with more fruit than we knew what to do with, this time we had to...
Langoustine Tortellini with Basil and Parsley
This dish may look a bit fancy, that’s because it is! It’s well worth the effort of making fresh pasta, follow these steps and you won’t go far wrong, I promise! Fresh Langoustines are ideal for this dish but good quality frozen will do just fine. A perfect starter...