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Coronavirus Isolation Recipes: Easy Apple and Blackberry Pie
This is embarrassingly easy. I should be ashamed for putting this on these pages, really I should. Well actually, no I shouldn’t because these are times when we need easy recipes. Budget friendly and simple to make - well, they don’t come much easier than this. 
The Ritz Restaurant, London
Fewer restaurants in London can boast a more breathtaking dining space than The Ritz Restaurant. A deserving holder of 1 Michelin Star, finally awarded in the 2017 guide, The Ritz Restaurant is one of the most popular places in the capital when it comes to spoiling oneself. 
Sous-Vide Venison
More sous-vide action for you lovely lot to read about. This time I went for a Burn’s Night inspired feast of Venison Shoulder with Savoy Cabbage, Bacon, Butternut Squash Puree and finished with a Port Sauce. Of course not all of this was going in the water bath -...