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Lagrange Aparthotel Lyon Lumière
Accommodation in Lyon, generally, is very well priced. We were looking for somewhere to stay with kitchen facilities - i.e: An apartment. We found a very well priced place just near the university at Sans Souci. Lagrange ApartHotel Lyon Lumiere.
Sunborn Yacht Hotel, London
Living like a millionaire on a luxury yacht is something that many of us dream of. Now, that dream can become a reality thanks to Sunborn Yacht Hotel - which happens to be in London Docklands rather than Monte Carlo. 
Nanteos Mansion
Staying in a mansion is a dream for most of us but now it can be a reality. Nanteos Mansion sits in a secluded spot just outside of Aberystwyth. A mansion constructed in 1739 and restored fully by 2012 after a succession of owners, Nanteos now resembles...

The Abbey Hotel, Bath

Abbey Hotel, Bath
Our lodgings for the trip to Koffmann & Mr White’s  couldn’t have been better placed - in the exact building that houses the restaurant. The Abbey Hotel sits in the shadow of the stunning Bath Abbey right in the centre of town, location box firmly ticked. The Abbey Hotel,...
Sketchley Grange Hinckley Leicestershire
We took a slightly unusual step in our travelling life by heading a mere 30 minutes down the road to a local hotel and spa. Sketchley Grange is a hotel based in Burbage, an area of Hinckley that we wouldn’t expect to find a four-star hotel and spa experience....
Adagio Basel City Hotel
Aparthotel Adagio Basel City, Hammerstrasse 46, Clara, 4058 Basel, Switzerland Switzerland has a habit of making you lose weight - from the pocket. That’s an issue when it comes to decent accomodation in one of Europe’s most expensive countries. We searched across Basel for some decent dwellings to keep a...