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Pine nut crusted Cod with Herb Tagliatelle
I took inspiration for this dish from the French way of herb crusting sea bass. This gives a more Italian feel to the dish with a pine nut pesto-style crust giving a crunchy texture to the fish. Perfect with tagliatelle in this instance but feel free to use your...
Hake is becoming more common in supermarkets nowadays and it’s a fish prized by the Spanish who have some excellent ways of preparing it. This is a more Italian take on grilled fish with polenta for a smooth texture contrasting a rough Genoese-style pesto with almonds introducing an amazing...

Spaghetti Sorrentina

Spaghetti Sorrentina
A quick and easy pasta dish hailing from the town of Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Fresh pasta makes this dish just that bit better but you can substitute the dried stuff and still get great results.
Provencal style Fish Soup with Aioli, Gruyere and Croutons
A classic soup enjoyed in southern France and now you can enjoy it too. Don’t be put off by the list of ingredients, the preparation is straightforward and the flavour intense! If you don’t fancy preparing the fish yourself, just ask your fishmonger to prepare this for you. The...
Halloumi with roasted Tomatoes, Peppers and Basil
Vegetarians, this one's for you! Even meat eaters will enjoy this dish of fried Halloumi with roasted peppers, tomatoes with garlic and basil. Halloumi has to be one of my new favourite ingredients, perfect for grilling as it has the rare quality of being a cheese that doesn’t melt.