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Hacker Quesadillas
Everything at the moment is about making life easier. The kitchen is no exception. Fortunately, the good folks at Spicely Does It have been devising a method to help all of us. By developing versatile seasonings that cover a wide range of recipes.

Smoke Stop BBQ

Smoke Stop BBQ
Unexpected hidden gems reveal themselves at the most unlikely moment. This post is a situation exactly one of those situations. Heading down the main A5 road towards Wales, we were starving. Fortunately for us we found a BBQ place in a remote Shropshire village - Smoke Stop.
The Red Cow, Leicester Forest East
Following a recent refurbishment at The Red Cow, we were kindly invited to come and try the new menu and take a look at this new look pub, how could we refuse? The decision to accept was also helped by having driven past this smart looking establishment many times...
Jerk Chicken Wrap
With the rain falling outside and the chill in the air showing no signs of leaving my part of the world any time soon, I decided to inject a bit of sunshine into my kitchen. This week Howard from The Smokey Carter very kindly sent me a box of...