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Dishoom Carnaby

Dishoom Carnaby
London in the media lately has been portrayed as somewhat of a ghost town. Office workers choosing to remain at home, tourists staying away and the invisible COVID-19 still making its presence felt. We headed down to see if what was being said happened to be true.
Hacker Quesadillas
Everything at the moment is about making life easier. The kitchen is no exception. Fortunately, the good folks at Spicely Does It have been devising a method to help all of us. By developing versatile seasonings that cover a wide range of recipes.

The Tree, Leicester

The Tree, Leicester
Formerly known as The Orange Tree, the Tree is a completely renovated pub on Leicester’s High Street. A kind invitation for a media get together to go and check out both the pub and it’s menu got us very excited about seeing the new features.
Desserts Bottomless brunch Nottingham Hilton
After recently celebrating 100 years as an operational hotel chain, The Hilton welcomed us back for a newly launched experience - a Bottomless Prosecco Brunch. The Brunch is a 90 minute period of unlimited Prosecco and two courses of your choice. Eton mess...
Restaurant Melodie, Bordeaux
“Bonjour, je voudrais un table pour….” let me just stop you there. This is Restaurant Melodie, the chances of a walk in spot at this hole in the wall in Bordeaux are virtually nil. Therefore, reservations are an absolute must. We secured ours online and headed to...
Venison with Chocolate Sauce
A little while back I had some interesting chocolate sent to me by a company called Doisy and Dam. The flavours in the range are truly unique in the sense that each bar contains a superfood, meaning that the chocolate is a lot better for you than most. I...

Kitchen W8

Kitchen W8, London
Where in London can you get a three course lunch for £28 with a Michelin Star? The answer is this place, Kitchen W8. I’m a big fan of Phil Howard (previously of The Square, now Elystan Street) who part-owns Kitchen W8. Looking through the menu, you can see glimpses...
Miller and Carter, Hinckley
The A5 is becoming a well travelled road for us. After the superb stay at Sketchley Grange and a top meal at The Ryder Grill, The Belfry, we were back down the main road this time in search of a steakhouse. Miller and Carter. Miller and Carter have branches popping...
The Ryder Grill at The Belfry
Drifting away from our usual surroundings of the East Midlands, we took a detour down the A42 to Sutton Coldfield, around half an hours drive away. The reason? We had been hearing good things about a certain place famous for golf, it even has hosted The Ryder Cup. Now,...