daniel et denise lyon bouchon lyonnais

Daniel et Denise, Lyon

The bouchon is a Lyonnaise institution. When you arrive in this beautiful city in south eastern France you will find the streets...
La Cité du Vin bordeaux

The Top 3 Wines In Bordeaux & Where To Find Them

Bordeaux is world famous for its production of fine wine. The city is awash with bars and restaurants serving the finest vintages...
cheese board p'tit bahut bordeaux

O P’tit Bahut, Bordeaux

Bordeaux’s backstreets provide some of the best offerings when it comes to simple cuisine and quality wine. O P’tit Bahut was being...
Bun Thit Nuong Bun Mii Vietnamese cafe Nottingham

Bun Mii Cafe, Nottingham

Nottingham is becoming our go-to city when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine. Having tested out Cafe Coco Tang previously and having our...
skewers kushi-ya nottingham

Kushi-Ya, Nottingham

Down a small alleyway just off Angel Row in the heart of Nottingham sits a small part of Tokyo. Kushi-Ya is a...
The Maharaja's Retreat Nottingham

The Maharaja’s Retreat, Nottingham

The Calcutta Club is a restaurant in Nottingham that has been on our radar for a while now. Due to the insane...
Fillet Rossini The Dun Cow, Dunchurch, Vintage Inns

The Dun Cow, Dunchurch

Just outside the town of Rugby sits the village of Dunchurch. A pretty place with a newly refurbished and popular pub -...
Mitch's Kitchen

Mitch’s Kitchen

Vegan food continues to rise in popularity. The strength in the ‘vegan’ hashtag on both Twitter and Instagram is very much in...
Cinco de Mayo Nachos

Cinco de Mayo Healthy Loaded Nachos

Cinco de Mayo is fast approaching and very soon mounds of green goodness will be consumed along with the festivities. By green...
Restaurant Melodie, Bordeaux

Restaurant Melodie, Bordeaux

“Bonjour, je voudrais un table pour….” let me just stop you there. This is Restaurant Melodie, the chances of a walk in...
Red Wine, Le Bar a Vin, Bordeaux

Le Bar a Vin, Bordeaux

Within hours of landing in Bordeaux, we just had to get stuck into the wine culture. You can choose from a whole...
Courgette and Chestnut Mushroom Frittata

Courgette and Chestnut Mushroom Frittata

  Shaping up for summer is now entering the critical stages with the warm...

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