Artisan Traveller Ali and Chris Durning Leicester Bloggers

Who are we?

Hello! We are Chris and Ali Durning. A husband and wife team with a mutual love for travel and food. We first began travelling back in 2008 with a trip to Paris and haven’t looked back since! Our adventures have took us as far as Argentina all the way over to Singapore sampling the local cuisine as we go – both of us are avid supporters of Leicester City Football Club and have a weakness for Michelin starred restaurants and street food.

What is this site all about?

Chris set up a blog back in 2009 which covered cooking and recipes. A professionally designed website then emerged in 2015 by the name of Chef Library which showcased food and recipe recreations. That site then became Artisan Traveller covering our love of food, travel and everything in between. This website is intended as a guide to fellow travellers and food enthusiasts also to share recipes and recreations of food from many cookbooks and restaurants.

Where can I follow you?

We are active on the following social media platforms: –

Twitter: @rtisantraveller
Instagram: @rtisantraveller
Facebook: facebook.com/rtisantraveller
Pintrest: pintrest.co.uk/artisantraveller
Youtube: Artisan Traveller


How can you contact us?

We welcome your contact through all means of online communication be it a comment on our website or through the above social media platforms. If you want to be a little more formal then you can contact us through an e-mail at [email protected] either way – we are always up for a chat!