Secret Supper Club Quorn – Sunday Lunch


The Secret Supper Club Quorn is fast becoming a non-secret. Popularity for the exquisite food delivered to your door by a Michelin-trained chef is soaring throughout the local community. We got a chance to sample the Sunday lunch offering following our tasting menu experience.

Ordering from The Secret Supper Club is easy and straightforward. Log on to their website, choose your dishes and follow the instructions for payment, dead easy. Also you can choose your desired delivery slot.

Johns House bread

Sunday lunch is a real treat and the offerings from the club reflect just that. Special seasonal desserts such as a mulled fruit panna cotta with spiced gingerbread are sure to entice just about anyone this time of year. 

The selection is traditional with choices of Beef, Lamb, Pork – or a trio of all three. All the meats are served with stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, carrots and savoy cabbage. Exactly the way we like it here in Britain. 

Dauphinoise potatoes

Side orders are optional extras too with Dauphinoise potatoes and cauliflower cheese available to order. Vegetarian options such as nut roast are also offered. There’s plenty of choice for everyone to enjoy a great British tradition. 

Carrot and Orange Soup

Our order arrived and we had pushed the boat out going for the full experience. Before tucking into our meat and two veg, there’s a starter. A glorious carrot and orange soup sprinkled with toasted pumpkin seeds. Smooth, strong in flavour and the perfect way to begin the meal. Especially as the weather is turning ever more cold. 

roast dinner secret supper club
Roast Beef Secret Supper Club Quorn

The soup also comes with a side of the ever-famous John’s House bread complete with some of the best butter that you will ever taste.

Roast Pork Secret Supper Club Quorn

The main event really is worth getting your big plates out for. Do not be fooled by the sizes of the takeaway containers as this is a feast fit for any table. The beef was sensational with the horseradish sauce. The vegetables cooked perfectly and the stuffing was some of the best that I can recall. 

Roast Beef Secret Supper Club Quorn

Equally, the pork was of great quality. Apple sauce on the side is a mandatory condiment and this was also very tasty. The side order of dauphinoise added a rich and creamy element to the meal which filled us both up to the max. 

cinnamon panna cotta

Dessert was looking like a mountain that we would be unable to climb, but we made it. The portion of panna cotta is incredibly generous with sweet, mulled fruit on the top. A delicious combination with the spiced gingerbread giving a real feeling of winter. 

cinnamon pannacotta

I’ve had some good Sunday lunches in my time but this has to rank up there with the best. Delicious food, made with care and delivered straight to your door, what could be better? 





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