Chloe Gourmet


French cakes are my weakness. I can’t pass a patisserie window without gazing at it like I’ve just seen aliens land. Strolling down Cank Street in the heart of Leicester city centre, that same scenario played out once again. 

A swish, smart patisserie and cafe by the name of Chloe Gourmet has come out of nowhere. Following the demise of Patisserie Valerie and in need of a bit of an upgrade from Greggs, their timing couldn’t really have been better. 

It doesn’t feel like an establishment that belongs in Leicester. Outdoor seating is reminiscent of the establishments lining the banks of the Canal St Martin. Inside boasts a dark, smooth interior with huge display cabinets of treats set out as they present them in Halles Bocuse. It’s a feast for the eyes. 

All the classic French favourites are on display. Millefeuilles to Paris Brest, Macarons to Tarte Framboise, in Leicester? Yes, yes really. The cakes also retain a charming rustic appearance, slightly away from the pinpoint precision of a Laduree or Carl Marletti sweet. 

Prices for this quality of patisserie are most reasonable. Expect to pay £4.50 for a signature Chloe Fraisier or as little as £2.80 for a slice of classic Flan Parisian. We chose an inviting Macaron Ispahan and my personal favourite, Pear and Almond Tart. 

Social distancing measures have been implemented superbly here. You can easily sit in comfort and enjoy the delights that Chloe has to offer – there’s even a comfy sofa area facing towards the street. Sit back, relax and watch the world go by like a true Parisian. 

So, how are the cakes? The Macaron was made very well. An addictive blend of rosewater cream and fresh raspberry is a combination to make you sit back and smile. The Pear and Almond Tart had a sweet, fudgy frangipane encased in buttery pastry finished with glazed pears on top. An absolute triumph and still my favourite for a reason. 

In these tough times spoiling yourself with a sweet treat and enjoying some relaxation time is the perfect remedy. I may not be able to head to France right now due to the current situation but Chloe Gourmet has brought France that little bit closer to me. 

Opening Times: Monday – Saturday 1000-1730

Nearest Train Station: Leicester




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