The Instagram ‘Foodie’ Bag


As bloggers who use social media platforms, in particular Instagram, it’s always a huge headache when it comes to photography. The perfect lighting, the correct angle, how many subjects are in the photo etc etc and etc. Any help is massively appreciated.

Fortunately, the good folks over at Cotton Bag Co have come up with their own bag of tricks. The Instagram Bag or ‘Foodie’ Bag contains a whole host of creative backgrounds and photography aids to help improve shots of your food. 

Inside the bag (which has a wicked design) are a set of postcards with shooting tips and inspiration, a set of backdrops, a 5 in 1 light reflector. Plus internal pockets within the bag for easy storage for your now mobile photography kit. 

I am by no means a professional when it comes to photography and would never think of a concept like this bag. This has completely changed how I take pictures and I feel elevated from ‘rookie’ status and less dependent on filters. 

It’s hard to believe an introductory course in photography lurks inside a bag with such minimal elements but that’s where the cleverness comes in. This is now an honorary member of the Artisan Traveller shooting team and it’s here to stay. 

You can find the Instagram ‘Foodie’ Bag here at Cotton Bag Co for just £39.95




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