Dishoom Carnaby


London in the media lately has been portrayed as somewhat of a ghost town. Office workers choosing to remain at home, tourists staying away and the invisible COVID-19 still making its presence felt. We headed down to see if what was being said happened to be true.

Sure enough, the tube was virtually deserted. Regents Street, usually bustling, was spacious and quiet. We were on our way for breakfast in normally busy Soho. What met us were quiet, colourful streets in a delightful neighbourhood that we don’t really visit enough. 

We were here for Dishoom. A restaurant chain that has boomed in popularity across the UK. Bringing to Britain a taste of Mumbai and Irani cafe culture. I have the cookbook from the restaurant and it has both delighted and amazed me so far. 

My advice is to book a reservation here. Even at 10am on a Tuesday morning, a line was forming outside. The UK governments ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme is operating here with huge savings to be made. The line did move quickly for those of you wishing to chance it. 

The measures for COVID-19 have been implemented here flawlessly. A hand sanitising station (foot operated) is located by the front desk. At the table, the helpful staff (wearing facemasks) offer more hand sanitiser, should you need it. 

We just loved the design of the dining room. The wings, where we sat, had social distanced tables set in a dimly lit atmosphere. In the centre it’s a little brighter but with all the charm of the Irani cafes of Mumbai. 

Facemasks for the staff can make communication a little tricky in a busy restaurant, however, they were so friendly and are dealing with these tough times admirably. We ordered the Dishoom signature Double Bacon Naan Roll along with some House Chai. 

Our tea arrived hot and fresh in tall glasses. The taste just blew me away from the beginning. We had superb Chai at Diwali back home in Leicester but this might just have beaten it. Precision on the spicing and free refills are offered throughout the meal. 

Just to bring you up to speed, a Bacon Naan Roll is a play on the good old British bacon sandwich. A mound of bacon wrapped up in a Naan fresh out of the tandoor smothered with cream cheese and served with a chilli tomato jam, salivating yet?

The taste was every bit as good as the appearance, perhaps even better. The strange part is that it actually tastes like a bacon sandwich with the bread toasted. Something I’ve not had for years. The jam plays the part of ketchup perfectly. 

If I had to describe it, I would say that it’s a bacon sandwich with an Indian accent. Further description would be that it is potentially the best bacon sarnie in London. Pair it up with first rate Chai and it’s a winning formula any day of the week. 

Thanks to chancellor Rishi Sunak, our bill came to just £15.25. Effectively giving us a buy one get one free offer. You have until the end of August to dine with the #EatOuttoHelpOut scheme and at Dishoom it’ll feel like a lottery win. 

Opening Times: Daily 0800-2300

Nearest Underground Station: Oxford Circus



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