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Lately, the world has come to a virtual standstill. Honest, decent people have either lost their jobs or had their employment put on hold. With more time on one’s hands, why not make Jerky? That’s what chef Mark Harbour decided to do.

Mark and myself didn’t meet through food. We met through comedy. That’s right, both Mark and I stand up in pubs on various evenings and try to make people laugh. As amateur comedians the world seemed a lot brighter then to how it is now. 

Thankfully, Mark didn’t let the temporary halt to his profession get in the way of producing decent food. Mark now has a business through Facebook selling home-made beef jerky. This jerky comes with a bit of a kick. 

Delivery of the goods was swift and seamless. Even in these tough times, getting a fresh product from A to B in good time is impressive. A top tip once the jerky arrives is place it in the fridge, not that it will remain there for long! Alternatively, freeze it for up to a year.

First up for the taste test was the Red Devil jerky. The name suggested that it may pack a punch – and it did. This isn’t a jerky that will have you scrambling around for the nearest water source. There’s a spiciness sure but also strong beef flavour plus a hint of sweetness. 

Jamaican Jerk is a spice normally found on barbecued chicken. How is it on beef? Insanely good is the answer. The spicing again is just right to give a tingle of caribbean heat with all the traditional flavours of jerk seasoning. 

Usually with beef jerky bought from a supermarket, the packet consists of a miserly few crumbs of beef. Thankfully this stuff is proper strands of quality dried beef. Way more bang for your buck.

Why not treat yourself during lockdown and spice up your life. I thoroughly enjoyed Mark’s products and to support a local producer is important now more than ever. Head on over to Mark’s Facebook page to place an order and continue to #supportlocal. 

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