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The iconic image of Kuala Lumpur often comes with two towers at the very centre of it. The Petronas Towers construction began in 1994 and by 1998 they were the tallest buildings in the world. The towers held that record until 2004 but remain the tallest pair of twin towers in the world. We were about to climb them. 

petronas tower tickets

If you fancy scaling the towers for a tour, get here early. Tours sell out pretty quickly as the tickets are on a first-come-first-served basis with allotted times. Once entering the main foyer, search out the lower level concourse or follow the signs for ‘box office’ which leads you directly to the ticket desk. The counters open from 9am. 

petronas towers tour

The staff on the desk were incredibly jolly and spoke really good English. This is a popular tourist attraction so perhaps it should come as no surprise that they are used to many different nationalities. Once the tickets were purchased for RM80 each (around £14.82) we headed to the security area for bag screening. 

KL Tower Skydeck

Each group of tourists gets a tag in a certain colour. Our tags indicated that we were the red group. Our group consisted of around 20 people which made it easier to get around. First up was a lift ride up to the Sky Bridge which connects the two towers. We were informed that we would have 10 minutes here to take photos and enjoy the view. 

petronas towers tour

To be honest, the Sky Bridge wasn’t all that exciting. Sure, the view was alright but it felt very much like a group outing up to now. Before we knew it, it was back in the lift to head up to the Observation Deck on the 83rd floor. 

In a similar style to the KL Tower, there are zoom binoculars free of charge to get a closer look at life going on below. There are also model constructions of the towers and the surrounding area. We had 15 minutes at the top to look around and take in the view. 

petronas view

Once finished, we were back in the lift again and taken down to the gift shop. This felt like the stage at which we had the most time – a tactical ploy perhaps? Many of our group simply joined the queue for the return elevator ride down to the exit. That said it all really.

petronas towers tour

So what is the experience like overall? For us, I think we would have liked more freedom. The group approach just feels like a conveyor belt of money-making from the Petronas Towers. It isn’t even an exclusive look at the towers as many groups joined us at each stage anyway. The views were spectacular but that aside, the KL Tower experience is much better. 

Opening Times: Daily 0900-2100

Nearest Metro Station: KLCC


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